Saturday, January 24, 2015

Flight 1

We have finished our first flight and arrived at Charles De Gaule airport in Paris, France! The flight was great! My ticket was booked for a center seat in a row of three, however one person did not show so I was able to take the window seat. The lights leaving Boston at night and the from the small islands before we reached Paris were amazing. The photos I took during the flight are blurry but I will post one to give the idea. The air France flight food was ok, dinner of pasta lentil salad and a small breakfast of yogurt and muffin. (I ate pizza at the airport, probably a good idea). Very little turbulence towards the end of the flight and the flight flew into a beautiful sunrise. Now a 5 hour layover and one more flight to go until we arrive at Nantes, France! Stay tuned for photos from the airport.

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